Working With Us

As experienced specialists in quality high performing homes, we know what we are talking about!

Working With Us

As experienced specialists in quality high performing homes, we know what we are talking about!

A Boutique Service Tailored to Your Needs

Our services focus on providing the best outcome and experience for you.    

This is not a one size fits all.  Understanding your needs, priorities and budget, alongside a detailed understanding of the building science and practicalities, is what sets us apart from many others claiming to do the same.  We also insist that the builder, designer and homeowners work closely together as early in the process as possible and this close relationship continues throughout the entire project.

We accept a limited number of projects each year.  This provides you and your project with the quality and time you deserve.

We recognise that communication needs, and preferred avenues of communication are also unique.   Therefore, we also tailor this to the unique needs of the client. We encourage fortnightly site visits once the build has commenced and also look at technology to assist communication.  One such innovation is our online system.  Whilst enabling information sharing 24/7, it also allows conversations to be followed, emails to be tracked, schedules to be updated and photos to be posted, among other things it certainly helps you, the client, to feel more a part of it even if you can’t get to site very often.

Customer Care at Every Stage

How many times have you wanted to get an answer to something or assistance with a problem and you don’t know who to call, you get transferred from one person to another, or worse still no one gets back to you?

We have dedicated staff who are available to assist you or answer your questions at each stage of the process.  From Project Manager to Client Liaison, plus a Business Owner that is accessible to you throughout your build.  Be confident in our open, professional practices and skilled workforce.

Skill & Expertise Throughout

We identify the best staff to complete your home.  Some are more specialised in highly engineered builds and others love the craftsmanship of traditional styled homes, all of our staff, however, are great builders and have a lot of experience.


We have trained all our builders in the specialist field of constructing passive houses and in SIPs pre-assembly and install, and this experience has grown extensively over the years. Brent and Ciaran are only two of a handful of Passive House Certified Tradespeople in New Zealand. Plus, we are currently one of only three indoor SIPS preassembly plants in NZ.


By the specialist teams continually building on experience in this field it ensures success, efficiency, and ongoing development for all levels of high performing and energy efficient builds. This also extends to our sub-contractors and provides extra quality assurances for you.

We provide you with details of the main building staff working on your home prior to the build for your information. In some instances, we may send further staff to your site when additional/specialist assistance is needed.