Why Chatterton Builders?

"... They’re just fundamentally good people that give a damn about the job and it really comes through."

Why Chatterton Builders?

"... They’re just fundamentally good people that give a damn about the job and it really comes through."

Why Consider Us?

Our specialist field of energy efficient and passive house design & build, and the experience and upskilling of our teams over the past 10 years puts us in the small proportion of builders that can truly say they are an authority in this construction type.  With the level of experience and training our teams possess we can provide you with accurate advice and options, confidence in the methods and result, and efficiencies to reduce costs and delays.

If you look beyond the niche, what do our results and the foresight of entering this area of construction tell you about us, and how it could benefit you?  Innovative, systems and process oriented, passionate and wanting the best service and result for our clients.

If passive is not what you are after that’s all good.  We can complete any architectural project you bring to us, hill building being another area we have a lot of experience in. Both areas of construction demand attention to detail, craftsman workmanship and perseverance. 

A Boutique Service Tailored to Your Needs

Our services focus on providing the best outcome and experience for you.    

This is not a one size fits all.  Understanding your needs, priorities and budget, alongside a detailed understanding of the building science and practicalities, is what sets us apart from many others claiming to do the same.  We also insist that the builder, designer and homeowners work closely together as early in the process as possible and this close relationship continues throughout the entire project.

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Customer Care at Every Stage

How many times have you wanted to get an answer to something or assistance with a problem and you don’t know who to call, you get transferred from one person to another, or worse still no one gets back to you?

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Skill & Expertise Throughout

We identify the best staff to complete your home.  Some are more specialised in highly engineered builds and others love the craftsmanship of traditional styled homes, all of our staff, however, are great builders and have a lot of experience.

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Our Mission

To provide clients with a superior build experience, reassurance of outstanding craftsmanship and a beautiful home that stands the test of time.

Our Values


The reassurance of honesty and trust, from our entire team, throughout the building process.  Processes and communication remain open and we are accountable for delivering on our promises.


Effective and frequent Communication is integral to our relationship, and the success of the building result and process.  We embrace all avenues of contact to ensure accessibility, understanding and clarification throughout the entire process.


We strive to be the best in what we do, and provide this service for our clients.  We employ experienced craftsmen, embrace innovation, follow proven processes and importantly develop dynamic relationships with our clients to achieve an exceptional result.  Be won’t sit idle though!  To be the best we must keep developing ourselves!

Team Work

We employ staff who share our same values and relish the team spirit of working together to produce an exceptional result.  Everyone plays an important role and supports each other to achieve the best they can and take pride in what they have created for the client.