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Creating your New Home doesn’t need to be difficult, and it certainly doesn’t need to be stressful! We want you to have an exceptional result and an incredible journey.

Passive House Principles

Part 1 - Insulation

Part 2 - Air Tightness

Part 3 - High Performance Windows

Part 4 - MHRV

Part 5 - Addressing Thermal Bridges

Virtual Tour of Passive House Show Home

Passive House Principles Combined V3

Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds

Structural Insulated Panel Process

Part 1 - Delivery & Assembly

Part 2 - Panel Transport to Site & Walls Installed

Part 3 - Roof Panels Installed

On Site Interview With SIPs Builder

Structural Insulated Panel / Energy Efficient Building

See how quick your walls can go up in this time lapse

See how fast an experienced team completes a roof

Learn More on Passive House & Energy Efficient Builds

SIPs Journey Panel to Home

SIPs Part 1 - Strength & Durability - Chatterton Builders

SIPs Part 2 - Insulation & Expertise

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (Detailed Content)

SIPS Panels Explained


Cashmere SIPS Architectural Build

Passive House Handover - Cust, North Canterbury

Clarkville Architectural Build Client

St Martins Earthquake Re-build

Ohoka SIPs Energy Efficient Build

Ports Hills Earthquake Re-build

Huntsbury Structural Insulated Panel

Richmond Earthquake Re-Build

Clifton Terrace Hillside Architectural Re-build

Video Blog

Introduction from Brent Chatterton

SIPs Part 1 - Strength & Durability

SIPs Part 2 - Insulation & Expertise

Part 1 - Communication Questions For Your Builder

Part 2 - Critical Communication with Your Builder

Avoiding Cost Blowouts On Your New Home

What You Dont Want Left Out Of Your Building Contract

The Risks Of An Under Priced Quote To The Home Owner

Featured Videos

Clarkville New Build Handover

Virtual Tour of Passive House Show Home

Cashmere SIPS New Build / Hill Build Christchurch