Simon & Shona – Richmond Passive House

SIPs Passive House

Demand is increasing for healthy, warm and energy-efficient homes. A major reason for this is the number of people prepared to do their homework before building. This couple was no exception. They had researched a number of construction methods before settling on a home designed with passive house principals and constructed using structural insulated panels.

Simon and Shona’s design also underwent PHPP testing, an important tool in the design process if you want to see how your house will perform with different factors put in or taken out. Budget can often be an area of compromise so here they could see exactly the effect of having double glazed uPVC, as opposed to triple glazed windows, would have on the performance of the home.

We worked alongside them, and our designer, throughout the design process to advise on options, costs, and performance factors. The original design had raking ceilings but to ensure we could meet the performance levels they required within their budget, the final design had a flat SIPs ceiling with a high stud (and trusses on top) which was more affordable.

The couple also wanted a Homestar 8 rating so the entire process ensured this was also achieved. The job run by Foreman Stu was completed to an incredible standard with an airtightness level of 0.31 ACH (air changes per hour) achieved.

To put into context, minimum code built homes are around 8.0 or 9.0 ACH and an internationally certified passive house must be less than 0.6 ACH, but even with double glazed joinery, this home achieved well below this. The air movement and quality is controlled through a Brink Flair mechanical heat recovery ventilation system, a popular mid-range system.

View the photo gallery below of the completed build, handover and also our blower door testing.

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