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So....How much more does it cost to build a passive house or energy efficient home than a standard minimum code home?

We are often asked this question.  Visits to our mid builds and show homes get people thinking about living in a better designed, healthy comfortable home.  Everyone loves the idea but there is often the fear that its way more expensive than a standard minimum code built home.

We want to be upfront about costs but the truth is there is no simple answer. You could work on a rough 5-20% depending on the level of performance you are aiming for, but this will be very much dependent upon your design, inclusions and if like for like can even be achieved.  Therefore, it is very hard to answer this.

There is another way and it’s how we prefer to work.

We work to your budget to achieve the best performing home for that budget.  It is so important that yourself, the designer and the builder work closely together from the start, and the team understands your priorities, your lifestyle, requirements and budget.

Put simply, you have several fixed constraints that cannot be changed including your budget, section size/shape etc, and family size.  Then you have your build priorities, for example, high thermal performance and a healthy home.

Clever design, multi functional spaces, less wasted space and simpler materials can often offset those additional costs but it must meet your priorities and family requirements.  This is where communication and understanding of your needs is key.   Plus, its not just our understanding of your needs ….first up you need to understand what you really want and where you see value for your family.   Ideas can change and evolve but priorities for your build are pretty intrinsic to the success of the project, the value you put on the outcome, and the process to get there.

Let’s work to achieve the best outcome – for your priorities – within your constraints, and avoid the murky waters of comparing apples with oranges.

Check out our build process and services, and feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your ideas for your project.