PART 2 – Embracing Technology

As mentioned in my previous blog, although the theme for this year’s conference was ‘Success Through Change’, I actually thought it did more than that – it directed focus to the future.

Last week I talked about embracing our youth.  This week, although a new topic, its effectively the same message – if we are to develop and grow we have to embrace it.

Yes, its technology and it’s here to stay, and the advantages of utilising it is incredible.

At Chatterton Builders we are fortunate as we have continued to educate ourselves and invest in technology to not only protect our business from being outclassed and outrun, but more importantly to create a more efficient accurate practice, and a user friendly experience for the client.

The computer/ipad/smart phone is clearly an essential in the builder’s tool box and it is quite overwhelming what you can achieve and manage from your device.

No longer can builders view themselves as builders.  If you own a company, or are a sole trader, you are a business owner. For our businesses to keep up we need to take advantage of the many technological innovations on offer.  Whether it be job management software, on-site time sheet input, CRM system, Facebook and Google advertising, quoting software, or the many apps available, there are a huge amount of options out there.  The Conference touched on a few of these and that is a great starting point for those that have yet to explore these options.

For the client it is fantastic news.  We have no excuse for not communicating or being able to provide them with information.  The process can be more transparent and the potential increases in job efficiency will mean a smoother job, on time.

From a builder’s point of view, it’s added service.  The builder needs to view software as a benefit or advantage that a client sees value in.  What does it mean for them?……it means (depending on what software you are using and advertising) a more efficient build, better service, clearer communication, more transparent process etc etc.


If the conference did one thing in this regard it assured me that we were up with the play and doing what we could to offer added value, a great service and manage the business efficiently utilising appropriate innovation.  It has not been without a great deal of investment, particularly in time, but it has set us up for the future and now the challenge is to keep up with new innovations that could develop our business even further!!

Next year’s conference is in Auckland and I am sure there will be a heap of new information and updates available for its members to take advantage of and learn from.    I also suspect it will always have that underlying theme of ‘future proofing’ due to the incredible rate at which things change and innovations that are continually being developed.